Aste-Giudziarie-Fallimentari Takes a Stake in Westminster Taxi Services

Aste-Giudziarie-Fallimentari (AGF), one of the fastest growing legal firms in the Denver metropolitan area, announced today that it was buying a minority stake in Westminster Taxi Services.

The firm said that it was taking this unusual move at the request of the president of the parent company of Westminster Taxi Services, the Handav Transportation Group.

Handav Transportation is one of AGF’s biggest and most important clients, and over the course of many years the presidents of the two firms have developed a very close personal relationship.

According to Maribelle Andreasen, PR chief of AGF, Guido Fallimentari of AGF and Timothy Hansen of Handav Transportation, often play golf together, they attend chucrch together, attend the weddings of each other’s children, and they also live within a mile of each other in Westminster, the sunny suburb of Denver where the taxi company is located (AGF, however, is located in downtown Denver).

The taxi company is highly profitable, contributing a very large percentage to the parent company’s bottom line, and would start returning profits to AGF almost immediately.

In addition to that AGF will be a silent partner, not involved in the day-to-day operations of the company; no one expects anyone at AGF to understand the ins and outs of the taxi industry.

This is not the first unexpected investment that AGF has made in the past few years. Last year, in 2015, it also took a minority stake in Westminster Towing Services, on of the leading tow truck operators in Westminster, and in 2015 it took a small steak in Westminster Tree Care, one of the best known tree care services in greater metropolitan Denver.

The Senior Partner of AGF, Guido Fallimentari, is known to be a maverick investor who is alert to opportunities that few others are able to see, and Maribelle Andreasen, the PR chief, reports that all of his investments are not just profitable, but very profitable.

It is foreseen that this investment will, in that regard, be exactly like all the rest.